Pink Oleander (Oil on canvas)
Still-life with China, Bread and Produce (pastel on brown paper)
Rose against Dark Background (Watercolour)
Concept art for characters for The Present a short film. (Photoshop)
Concept art for The Present a short film. (Photoshop)
Close up!
My first real sculpture--Dancing the night away!
Flapper Elephant (Sculpty Clay)
Apple & Pear (Adobe Illustrator)
Save the Manatee Stamp (Adobe Illustrator)
Chair in Doblin Perspective Part 2 (Charcoal on Bristol)
Seagrape Leaves (Oil on canvas)
"Tea Maker" Final (Pencil on Frosted Mylar)
Inside the Fridge (Oil on canvas)
Canon XL1 Freehand Isometric Projection Drawing (Pencil on Bristol)
Still life (Charcoal on paper)
Seahorses (Acrylic on Canvas Paper)
Apple & Banana Still Life
(my first work in Autodesk Maya)
Still-Life with Fruit (AutoDesk Maya)
Hibiscus and Hummingbird (Tissue and tempra)
Polar Bear Family (Charcoal and chalk)
Strawberry Parfait (Mixed media - Ink, watercolour, wax, and tempra)
Christian Life Church -- Atmospheric Perspective Drawing of Interior and Exterior Space (Charcoal on Paper)
Ocean View (Oil on canvas)
Bougainvillea Close-Up (Oil on canvas)
Portrait of Jessica (Sepia conte on paper)
Potho Vine (Oil on canvas)
Hibiscus Flower (Oil on canvas)
Two-Point Linear Perspective Drawing (Charcoal on Paper)
My Subtractive Self-Portrait (vine charcoal on paper)
Green Landscape (Tissue and tempra)